Virtual Field Trips

Take your students on a virtual field trip! Professional educators bring standards-based topics directly to your students during a live video call.

The big BOOM that changed how YOU eat!

In 1878 an explosion at a flour mill in Minneapolis rocked the city and led to innovation that changed the food industry forever. How did an industrial accident over 100 years ago change what we eat today?

Grades: 3-5
Main Objective Question: What would a big boom over a hundred years ago have to do with me?
Main Standard(s): - Human Systems - Historical Thinking Skills - Peoples change over time


No electricity? Water we going to do?

A mix of history and science, this presentation covers why the Mississippi River and Owamni/St. Anthony Falls are both special, how they were changed to harness the power of water, and how mechanical power using water worked.

Grades: 3-5 
Main Objective Question: How did hundreds of machines run without electricity? 
Main Standard(s): - Interactions among science and society - Energy - Historical thinking skills