Advocate for History

Speak up for history! Contact your legislators and let them know why history matters to you.

Support Minnesota history

Ask state leaders to fund MNHS

Ask Governor Walz and your state legislators to support strong operating funding for MNHS this legislative session.

Support MNHS funding

Ask state leaders for Legacy funding

Ask Governor Walz and your state legislators to support robust Legacy funding for history this legislative session.

Support Legacy funding

Ask state leaders to support history

Ask your legislators to support the 2023 Capital Budget or “bonding” request for MNHS for preserving historic structures across the state.

Support MNHS funding

Why you should speak up for Minnesota history

We are thankful for Minnesota’s strong support of history! The Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) collects, preserves, and shares Minnesotans’ stories so they may be known and remembered. Please take a moment to speak up for history and express your appreciation to our state’s elected leaders for continued support from the State of Minnesota.

Whenever you speak up for history, you’re making a difference. Effective ways to speak up:

  • Send a message to your state representative, senator, and the governor
  • Have a Zoom meeting with your representative
  • Write a personal letter to your representative
  • Call your representative
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  • Tell your friends and colleagues
  • Use social media to spread the word about the importance of history

Preserving the past for future generations

Learn more about history organizations that carry out the work of preserving Minnesota's legacy. Read the 2022 MNHS Legacy Report.