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Program Overview

Interested in how museums engage the public? This program encourages you to explore a career in museums and gain an understanding of how museums address the challenge of presenting diverse historical narratives to popular audiences.

The INCE Museum Fellows Program is designed to engage students in studying the challenges related to the underrepresentation of communities of color and American Indian Nations in historical organizations and public history graduate programs. Communities need to “see themselves” in the work of cultural organizations in order to identify with their missions. For museums, diversity is not about political correctness. The demographic shifts in American society require the leaders of state historical organizations and museums to diversify the perspective of their organizations in order to truly fulfill their missions.

Applicants must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in the Twin Cities area. Applicants must be prepared to complete internship hours in cultural institutions across the metro area.

The Program's Four Components

  1. Semester-long course that explores the museum field and the challenges that museums face regarding inclusion and diversity (Tuesdays 3:30-6:00 p.m.)
  2. Paid internship during the Spring Semester.
  3. Museum-study trip to meet with various museum professionals at the Midwest’s leading museums
  4. Post-program mentoring from program staff regarding graduate programs and professional development opportunities.

Museums Visited by past Fellows

2018-2019 INCE Fellows visited many of the Midwest’s top museums:

  • The Field Museum
  • The Chicago History Museum
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • The National Museum of Mexican Art
  • The Shedd Aquarium
  • The Illinois Holocaust Museum

Application Process

MNHS is currently not accepting applications for the INCE Museum Fellows Program. Please check this page in the future for program updates.