Exhibits To Go! Application Guidelines and Instructions

The application guidelines provide details about the information required on the application form. Please download and read the guidelines before completing the application.

Guidelines (pdf 70.26 KB)

Electronic application form instructions

The application form (pdf 124.25 KB) is an editable PDF document. It can be viewed, completed, and saved using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please download the file, and use the FILE/SAVE AS command to rename and save the file with your information.

The form includes fields to be completed, which appear as light blue boxes.

  • Click on a field in order to type in it. The active field displays white. Once you have completed a field, press the tab key to automatically move to the next field. If you press the enter key, you will not move to the next field.
  • The form must be completed using at least a 10-point font.
  • The size of the blue box indicates the length of the text expected for each field. Do not attach additional pages.

Please use a unique name for the file that you submit which includes the name of the applicant. Example: YourHistSocietyappCOA.pdf.

If applying for multiple exhibits, please submit separate applications for each.

Download the Exhibits To Go! traveling exhibits application (pdf 124.25 KB) 

How to submit your application

Email your completed application to travelingexhibits@mnhs.org

The Minnesota Historical Society Traveling Exhibits Program has been made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.