Exhibits To Go! Hosting an Exhibit

The Minnesota Historical Society Traveling Exhibits Program, Exhibits To Go! offers a competitive "first-come-first-served" booking process for cultural institutions, libraries, and other organizations interested in hosting a traveling exhibit.


Current application period

Applications are being accepted for 2020 tour dates for

Coming of Age: The 1968 Generation

Electrifying Minnesota

Fur Trade in Minnesota


Booking Minnesota Historical Society Traveling Exhibits

In the application, host institutions must explain how the exhibit will benefit your museum and community; be able to supplement the traveling exhibit with local content; and be able to transport, set up and take down the exhibit. Please read the following for specific information about these requirements.


General information

Exhibits are available to entities that serve a public good, such as historical organizations, tribal organizations, libraries, and schools. 

Before applying to host an exhibit, please review the host responsibilities and information for each exhibit.

Organizations are encouraged to create partnerships for hosting the exhibits and developing local content. If you feel that you do not have the staff or full resources to host an exhibit, consider collaborating with another organization.

There is no rental fee. The host organization must pay to transport the exhibit to your institution, and perform set up and take down/packing. MNHS also asks you to develop programs and relevant local content displays, and promote the exhibit to your community. 

We’re happy to answer questions! Email travelingexhibits@mnhs.org


Competitive booking process

Please read the Application guidelines instructions carefully when completing the application.  


Logistics: shipping, set up, and take down

  • Host venues are required to provide transportation of the exhibit in enclosed vehicles.
  • Each host site arranges and pays to transport the exhibit from the previous host site, or from MNHS if the exhibit was returned for preparation/inspection. Transportation in enclosed vehicles is required.
  • Each exhibit comes with a thorough set-up and take-down instruction manual. MNHS staff are available by phone and email to answer questions.
  • Exhibits include freestanding pop-up banners, at least one electronic touch-screen media kiosk and at least one mechanical or physical interactive.
  • Each host is responsible for providing a minimum of two people to set up and take down exhibits.

Content enhancements 

Hosts and partners are strongly encouraged to enhance the traveling exhibits with objects and stories from your collection or area. Each exhibit is focused on broad statewide themes; hosts and partners should add materials that show how these statewide themes are reflected locally. PDFs of the interpretive panels are available on each exhibit’s page.


Supervision and security

The gallery/space must be supervised during open hours. Minnesota Historical Society exhibits — including all crating and packing materials — should be kept at all times in a secured, dry environment free from pests and vermin.


Publicity and resources

Hosts agree to credit the Minnesota Historical Society Traveling Exhibits Program, Exhibits To Go!, in any exhibit publicity. All publicity and marketing from the host institution must include the following credit: Made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.

The Minnesota History Center Traveling Exhibits Program, Exhibits To Go!, provides, via mail and online:

  • An exhibit press kit
  • Exhibit rack cards, posters, and other promotional materials
  • Educational packet with teacher’s and programming information


Insurance and risk loss

All Minnesota Historical Society Exhibits To Go! Traveling Exhibits are covered by a MNHS “wall to wall” fine arts insurance policy, with standard exclusions, while in transit and on display. Individual host sites do not need to pay for additional insurance coverage while hosting or when making in-state shipping arrangements. 


How to Apply 

Application guidelines and instructions